Lights Out Pledge

Take the Lights Out Pledge this Migration Season!

By pledging to go "lights out" for migration, you not only benefit our birdlife, but you also benefit all wildlife including mammals and insects (and our citizens and residents too!)

By agreeing to reconsider your lighting choices and energy use, we hope that we can reduce decorative and unnecessary nighttime lighting to create safe passage for birds. This also encourages sustainable infrastructure changes in our city, decreases fossil fuel consumption, and makes safer conditions for our neighborhoods. A building or home has a lot to gain by reducing its lighting. One building in Chicago was able to demonstrate an 80 percent decrease in collision-related mortality by simply turning off its lights!

Beyond saving the lives of birds, Lights Out participants:

  1. Save money

  2. Reduce energy usage and be more energy-friendly

  3. Follow sustainability guidelines (for corporate structures)

  4. Enjoy the night sky!

We are asking our community to join us to go LIGHTS OUT for Champaign County on Sunday April 11th from 7:00 - 8:00 PM for our very own Earth Hour. We hope this signals our commitment to bringing dark skies for safe passage during migration season and all year round!